JusMusic Podcast

Ep 66: RIP Takeoff

November 15, 2022 Marco Incampo and Jailan Williams Season 6 Episode 66
JusMusic Podcast
Ep 66: RIP Takeoff
Show Notes

The JusMusic Podcast talks about the unfortunate passing of rapper Takeoff. Other topics include the  list of rappers we’ve lost over the years and violence in rap music.

For better understanding of the US history detailed in this episode, refer to this timeline.

1917 - Buchanan V Warley case - an important court case addressing racial segregation in residential areas.
1929-1939 - Great Depression - Many Americans face financial hardship and lose their homes. This results in the Public Works Administration constructing the country’s first ever civilian public housing. This was done during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
 1946 - Mass migration into suburban homes/residential areas.
1949 - The implementation of the Housing Act during the presidency of Harry S. Truman (not Franklin D. Roosevelt as Jailan mistakenly said)

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