JusMusic Podcast

Ep 90: Interview with Dons

August 30, 2023 Marco Incampo and Jailan Williams Season 8 Episode 90
JusMusic Podcast
Ep 90: Interview with Dons
Show Notes

The JusMusic Podcast welcomes DJ and Barback, Sean Donnelly aka Dons.

Topics discussed include Don's DJ story, experience Djing at the recent No Bullsh*t JusMusic boiler room and future music ideas.

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Check out Jailan's upcoming beat tape coming soon and any random mashup Marco throws out there.

Jailan’s upcoming beat tape - https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jailanwilliams/the-resume-2
Marco’s latest mashup - https://on.soundcloud.com/8NvVMSSaMdx5cZrU7

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